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ICCDR promotes international cooperation, and to assist in the development of friendly, sympathetic, and peaceful relations among various cultures, by providing opportunities to participate in professional, educational and cultural programs in India and in other countries.

Aims & Objectives

International Commission of Culture & Diplomatic Relations


ICCDR was established to engage people of different cultures and nations in international cultural exchange programs which would connect young people from around the world with life-changing international opportunities with a sole aim of achieving global peace. ICCDR aims to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding through international cultural education, tourism and exchange programs.



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ICCDR is registered with Govt of India – having affiliations from Brampton International University, Canada New ; Royal Academy – USA; International Open University for Humanity & Health Sciences – Texas, USA and International Commission for Jury and The George Washington University of Peace Global Think Tank for Peace. Currently, ICCDR actively participating in 16 countries to promote culture and heritage. 




Secretary General

Amb. Dr Srinivasa Rao LLM ( International Law) Ph.D, Former Ambassador at large International commission to Diplomatic Relations Human rights and Peace UN UGO, with Diplomatic immunities & privileges. He was also the Director, Royal Academy of Global Peace USA and Indian Representative of prestegious Brampton International university , Canada. He was also the Founder President Culture Book of Records India and CEO Swastha Environment and Human Rights Foundation ( UN global Compact Signatory). He is the Arbitrator, International Arbitrator Court and Indian Representative to George Washington University of Peace. He participated in many international conferences and International Awards Events. He visited many south East Asia countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Asia Pacific counties Philippines, in Europe – Germany Netherlands, Belgium France and Middle East, UAE on official assignments. He received international Commission IGO, Prestigious Presidents Medal, Man of Humanity 1918 Philippines. Ten more International awards. He was the recipient of three Honorary Doctorate degrees; Academy of Universal Global Peace USA, International Relations from International Open university and Asian University International UK. Dr. Srinivas Eluri organized United Nations Day – International Conference on 24th October, 2022 and also organized Human Rights Day conference on 10th December 2022.

Collaborations & Memberships